Sri Suki Sivam

Suki Sivam

The Tamil community, spread across the continents, extols Kalai Maa Mani Mr. Suki Sivam as ‘Sol Vendher’ – ‘the King of Words’!

For the past three decades, Mr.Suki Sivam has been waging a war as a ‘one man army’ against all forms of social degradations, cultural distortions and religious fanaticism… He has been playing the role of a ‘Social Change Agent’ and influencing public opinion by delivering innumerable lectures all over the globe, by writing columns in magazines and papers ,by publishing books, conducting workshops / training sessions and by releasing audio and video CDs in a continuous and consistent manner. In his works, he chooses to touch upon heterogeneous areas of public interest such as literature, spirituality, communal harmony, women empowerment, leadership traits, time management, parenting, marital harmony and sustainable development…



பட்டி மன்றம்

பகவத் கீதா

பெரிய புராணம்

மஹா பாரதம்

லலிதா சஹஸ்ர நா

அபிராமி அந்தாத

Suki Sivam – Vol 01

Suki Sivam – Vol 02

Suki Sivam – Vol 03

Suki Sivam – Vol 04

Suki Sivam – Vol 05

Suki Sivam – Vol 06

Suki Sivam – Vol 07

Suki Sivam – Vol 08

Suki Sivam – Vol 09

Suki Sivam – Vol 10

Suki Sivam – Vol 11

Suki Sivam – Vol 12

Suki Sivam – Vol 13

Suki Sivam – Vol 14

Suki Sivam – Vol 15

Suki Sivam – Vol 16

Suki Sivam – Vol 17

Suki Sivam – Vol 18

Suki Sivam – Vol 19 Video

Suki Sivam – Vol 20 Vide

Suki Sivam – vol 21


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