Swami Paramarthananda

Swami Paramarthananda


A to Z of Vedanta – SP

Advaidha Makarantham – SP

Anubudhi Prakasa

Aparoksha Anubhudhi – SP

Atma Bodha – SP

Baghavad Gita Chanting

Bhagavad Gita in Brief – SP

Bhagavad Gita in detail – SP

Bhaja Govindam – SP

Bikshu Gita – SP

Brahma Sutra – SP

Dakshinamurthy Stothoram – SP

Drik Drishya Viveka – SP

Essence of Bhaghavath Gita – SP

Essence of Upanishads – SP

Essence of Vedanta – SP

General Talks – SP

Hindu Dharma Tatwa Vichara- SP

Intro. to Hindu Dharma Tatva Vichara – SP

Jiva Yathra – SP

Jiva Yathra – SP Ver 2

Manisa Panchakam – SP

Meditation – SP

Meditation on Upanishads – SP

Naishkarmya Siddhi – SP

Navayogi Samvada – SP

Neethi Shatakam – SP

Panchadasi – SP

Questions & Answers – SP

Rudhra Bhashyam – SP

Sadh Dharsanam – SP

Sadhana Panchakam – SP

Samkaras – SP

Sankara & Gita – SP

Sarasvathi Ashtakam – SP

Sarva Vedanta Siddhanta Saara – SP

Short Talks – SP

Sri Rama Gita – SP

Sri Rudram – SP

Stothra – SP

Stothra & Mantra Chanting – SP

Talks on Stothras – SP

Tatva Bodha – SP

Udhava Gita – SP


Upadesa Saara – SP 

Upadesa Sahasri – SP 

 Upadesa Saaram– SP

Vichara Sagara – SP

Viveka Chudamani – SP 

Ashtaga Yoga – SP.MP3 

Todaka Ashtakam – SP

47 comments on “Swami Paramarthananda

  1. Viveka Chudamani file contains Upadesa Sahasri. It is noticed a separate file exists for Upadesa Sahasri. Request your kind help in uploading Viveka Chudamani. Namaskarams. With great respects, Ramakrishnan

  2. Will you be able to provide the missing lectures of Vairaagya shatakam? If yes then I will commence my study, I feel. Thank you for this service… truly grateful to you

  3. Harihi Om! The following lectures from Naiskarmya Siddhi are missing:

    111-120, 130, 140, 160

    Kindly upload them.

  4. Grateful for your clarification on Vairagya Shatakam missing tracks. Please. No point in startin study if so many are missing.

    • meera; that was my reply; not Sumukam’s. Point No.2, vairagya satakam is collection of 100 beautiful and meaningful slokas, which has only therefore survived for 700-800 years; each one indepedent of the other; of course some fall under the same heading; therefore, please download and listen; even if 3-4 tracks are missing. Each sloka is regarding a different focus.

  5. Thank you sir. I saw your response as one more person’s experience, not as a reply to my query. But now your elaboration is helpful. I will start listening. Thank you and pranaam. Hari Om

    • Meeraji. In view of your interest, I am referring to pdf version of Swamiji’s talks available in https://arshaavinash.in/index.php/download/vairagya-shatakam-by-swami-paramarthananda. Also hundreds of books of class notes based on Swamiji’s talks, and many verbatim transcripts of Swamiji’s classes have been uploaded in the above site as PDF, including Bhagavad Gita, Vivekachudamani, etc. And now Bhagavad Gita Bashyam is being transcribed verbatim and 2 volumes up to 6th chapter have already been uploaded. You may freely download them and benefit and share the news about this website to others interested.

  6. Thank you so very much!! I am an avid follower of Swamiji’s talks. Hearing his voice is part of the assimilation exercise, I feel. But I will access that link and look for Ashtavakra Gita, maybe. Kindly let me know who is the transcribing team. I might like to help.

    • Many people from many places do it voluntarily; not on a organised basis; I am a regular one; there are many others from Chennai; and world over; and they send the final thing to arshaavinash.in; for uploading in the net. You may also take up any subject, after checking up with Sri Avinashji; and whatever audio you may have; and do it. All the best.

      • You can check the website arshaavinash.in; if not there, get the audio from sastraprakasika, and start listening in less than half speed (you can use vlc player which has the speed controls of your choice, both + and – and type out in word, at your own pace, and finish it and send it to arshaavinash.in, for publication. Even if you could not type out the devnagari sloka etc. (you can give indication in the text), and it will be appropriately replaced by me or someone else and published in arshaavinash.in. If you take up, or Meeraji who had commented a month back (above), please comment here. Once finished, let me know by comments here. Thank you.

    • According to the Sastraprakasika App, there are 350 lectures in 35 cds for the english talks and in Vichara Sagara (sanskrit talks) there are 300 lectures in 30 CDs. You can download the app from the playstore/App stores and then select the lectures and pay for it and listen to it. Whatever Swamiji has spoken so far, all have been included in the app. Whether the thing is a complete one whether in English and Sanskrit, I am not aware; as i do not have the app.

    • Not sure whether you already have this info:
      Vichara Sagara classes are still progresing — Chapter (Taranga) 6 Topic 419 (as of 20 Dec 2021). Vichara Sagara ends with Taranga 7 and Topic 538.
      The first talk of Swamiji was on 17 Dec 2011 !! And has been continuing ever since, year after year — but for a few months last year.
      Like other talks of Swamiji, one can use Sastraprakashika app to download or get CDs from Sastraprakashika, in India.
      At the link:
      one can download all the transcripts upto Topic 404 (Swamiji’s talk in Apr 2021) nicely prepared by a blessed and devoted Sishya.
      Hari Om.

  7. Namaste sir, in this sumukam 1 vivekachdamani lectures of swami paramarthanandaji, SL. No. 1 to 6 are in zip format. Please unzip those files so that we can listen to swamijis lectures. Thanking you.

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