Sri Nochur Venkataraman


Nochur Venkataraman

Sri Nochur Venkataraman, a native of Nochur near Palakkad in Kerala is a prolific speaker on various Hindu spiritual subjects. He is an ardent devotee of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi and his discourses on Bhagavan’s life and teachings are excellent. His command over Malayalam and Tamil and his simplified explanation of complex Vedantic  materials bring his discourses close to the hearts of everyone.

A REQUEST: These discourses are widely available and easily accessible on the Net and by just compiling them here, we believe we are not violating any copyright. However, since these may be a source of income for the Acharya, we strongly recommend that you make a Guru Dakshina to the Acharya. Your kind action will be a reward to our efforts. Thank you.

Sri Nochur Venkataraman

Nochur Village, Koduvayur P.O.

Palakkad, Kerala




Adhyatma Sadana (Mal) – NV

Akhshara Mana Maalai @ Palakkad

Akhshara Ramana Maalai (Mal)

Akshara Ramana Maalai – NV

Atma Upadesa Shatakam (Mal) – NV

Bhagadothaman – Mal – NV

Bhaja Govindam (Mal) – NV

Chatusloki Bhagavatham – Mal – NV

Dakshinamurthy Stotaram (Mal) – NV

Devi Tatwam (Mal) – NV

Ekadasa Skandam Bhagavatham (Mal) – NV


Hastamalakeeyam (Mal) – NV

Jnanadhara – Mal – NV

Karma Yogam – NV

Kasi Panchakam – NV

Krishna Leela – NV

Manisha Panchakam – NV

Narayaneeyam (Mal) – NV

Narayaneeyam – NV

Navayogi Upakhyanam (Mal) – NV

Nirvana Shatagam – NV

Nirvana Shatakam (Mal) – NV

Para Vidhya – NV

Pratasmarana Stotram (Mal) – NV

Ramana Charitham (Mal) – NV

Ramana Gita – NV

Ramanaparavidyopanishad -NV

Rasotsavam – NV

Sadhana (Mal)

Sath Darsanam (Mal) – Ver 2

Sath Darsanam – NV

Sivananda Lahari (Mal)

Sivoham – NV

Swaroopa Anusanthana Ashtakam (Mal) – N V

Swathmasukhi Satsang – Mal – NV

Swathmasuki (Mal) – NV

Udhava Gita (Mal) – NV

Vasishtam (Mal) NV


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