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A few years ago, in my quest to learn and understand Vedanta, I started searching the world wide web and found plenty of materials on the subject. Since then, I had been ‘religiously’ learning about Vedanta and had been collecting huge volume of such materials.

I am certain, there are many out there who like me, are in search of knowledge about Hinduism and are constantly searching the Net for materials. Since I have these readily available with me, why not place them in one place from where everyone can easily access and benefit from them? That is the purpose of this blog.

Here various materials on Hinduism are categorized and placed under:
• Discourses
• Mantra, Sloka and Stotjra
• Texts and e-books

All credits go to those who originally uploaded these materials on the web and I have only attempted to collect t and compile them in one place. Please visit this blog periodically since I plan to add more materials regularly.

Thank you.

By Sumulam